Gearbox Mechatronic

Are you looking for a DSG/Mechatronics gearbox repair service? With most VW, Audi, and Porsche having DSG/Mechatronics gearbox systems, it is good to have a specialist who understands and rectifies the issue.

Gran Turismo Auto Repairing L.L.C provides mechatronic units and program services vice to Transmission Automatics Workshops and VW/Audi Specialist Workshops across Dubai, and UAE as we have the latest Porsche, VW, and Audi genuine diagnose tools. We also provide DSG/mechatronic units and clutch for Audi R8, Porsche PDK and etc.

from inside out. At DSG /Mechatronics gearbox Performance, we have been providing DSG/Mechatronics gearbox repairs for customers in UAE.

Gearbox Mechatronic

A DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) and Mechatronic combines the work of an automatic gearbox with a Automatic gearbox. These are widely preferred in high-end vehicles like Volkswagen, Audi, and other latest model vehicles for its swift and smooth speed and the ability to change gears automatically. Though the components like valve body and mechatronic units are very similar to a manual gearbox, you do not have to stress on changing the gears, it prepares and shifts automatically. It is a complicated system, which involves the smooth functioning of electrics, hydraulics. 

However, over time, it also comes up with certain malfunctions and the signs are

  • Shuddering sound while starting
  • Jerky on upshifting or downshifting
  • Loss of power
  • Hard and delayed engagements
  • Flashing indicator gear light on the dashboard

Valve Body Service

  • We can supply new valve bodies
  • We recondition valve bodies
  • We can supply solenoids
  • We can test most valve bodies by our genuine diagnose tool
  • Print live data reports on valve bodies
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